Stewart Duffy / Front-End Developer

What I Do..

Hello! I'm Stewart Duffy, a Front-End Developer who makes websites and apps. I mostly trade in the trifecta of HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript, but like any self-respecting digital worker I utilise an array of other tools & tech to get the job done.

Conferences & Workshops

I enjoy what I do, and I love the web development community. Naturally I like to meet other fellow web workers, so I regularly go to local meetups, and I jump at the opportunity to attend conferences & workshops to learn from the masters.

Work History

I have been working in the industry for over eight years; working on a variety of projects either through freelancing, contracting or permanent employment. With agency, startup & client-side experience I have worked on projects in multiple industries including Education, Retail, Telecommunications, Print Media, Government and Advertising.

Let’s talk

I am not currently looking for something new, however I am always happy to talk. If you want to chat please call 027 383 3901 or email me at [email protected]

If you find me interesting, but you would rather stalk than talk, here’s my LinkedIn, Twitter & CV to get you started.