Stewart Duffy / Front-End Developer..

Hello! I'm Stewart Duffy, a Front-End Developer who makes websites and apps. I mostly trade in the trifecta of HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript, but like any self-respecting digital worker I utilise an array of other tools & tech to get the job done..

I enjoy what I do, and I love the web development community. Naturally I like to meet other fellow web workers, so I regularly go to local meetups, and I jump at the opportunity to attend conferences & workshops to learn from the masters.

Conferences & Workshops

  • Codemania 2016 / Auckland, New Zealand
  • JSConf EU 2013 / Berlin, Germany
  • Full Frontal Tooling Tutorials 2012 / Brighton, UK
  • dotJS 2012 / Paris, France
  • WDCNZ 2011 / Wellington, New Zealand

I have been working in the industry for over six years; working on a variety of projects either through freelancing, contracting or permanent employment. With agency, startup & client-side experience I have worked on projects in multiple industries including Education, Retail, Telecommunications, Print Media, Government and Advertising.

Work History

    Let’s talk

    I am not currently looking for something new, however I am always happy to talk. If you want to chat please call 027 383 3901 or email me at

    If you find me interesting, but you would rather stalk than talk, here’s my LinkedIn, Twitter & CV to get you started.